Trump Lays Out Plans to Legally Fire Judges That Won’t ‘Get With the Program’

President Trump made the statement today that the country would be much better off if we were to “get rid of the judges.” Liberals had a heart attack, of course, because they take everything so literally. To respond, Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, released this statement:

“President Trump isn’t talking about doing away with all judges, just the useless ones. We have state judges and that’s great. The states should do whatever they want and make most of their own decisions. The problem is at the federal level.

You go to the 2nd, 9th or 23rd district court of appeals and you’re a criminal, you’re getting a walk. That’s not justice. Those courts also sit in judgment of civil matters between real estate developers and contractors trying to overcharge them, and that has to stop for the good of the economy or all the jobs will dry up and go to Syria.

President Trump will begin firing any judge he didn’t appoint on Monday. He is allowed to fire them for gross incompetence, which is up to him alone to determine. The ultimate goal is to be left with one appeals court of Trump’s choosing and the five conservative Supreme Court Justices.

That will be the turning point in this country, when we can take the problems of the past and just turn them all over to Trump to decide.”

Well, there you have it. Trump will decide and that will be that. Between this great news and the news of a new, state-run TV station for real news we can count on, America will be great again before we know it.

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