Report: Clinton Foundation Still Has $70 Million Worth of Stolen Uranium

A report from the Atomic Energy Commission on Safety and Radiation announced that there is approximately $70 million worth of enriched uranium still missing after the illegal Uranium One deal between the Russians and the Clinton Foundation and that the Foundation itself most likely still has it in storage. Commission chairman, Art Tubolls, explains:

“We know that the Foundation arranged for $400 million in Uranium to be transfered to the Russians aboard Chinese freight ships. Unfortunately, only about $330 million worth arrived, and they came on a Clinton Foundation vessel. The Commission’s best guess is that the remaining uranium is being held somewhere for future sale.”

The uranium is only going to get more valuable as the current economy loses its sustainability and goes into recession, at which time the Clintons will be able to cash in and buy the next President. The Clintons have plenty of money, so them getting richer isn’t the issue. It’s the foreign power they’ll give all that nuclear fuel to. The ARC estimates that you could arm Iran with dozens of missiles with this kind of firepower. They warn that if it is used, America will pay the price, as it was mined here and has a uniquely American chemical makeup.

President Trump has tasked AG Barr with convening a Grand Jury to find out if this is something we have enough evidence to pursue.

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