Democrats Will Begin Jailing No-Show Witnesses:’Our Subpoenas Are Law’

The truth is right in front of you

With a growing list of impeachment witnesses refusing to comply with subpoenas to testify before the Democrat panel, Adam Schiff has vowed to begin holding the holdouts in Contempt of Congress. Doing so will mean mandatory lock up in the Congressional Catacombs until such time as they agree to comply with the Democrat’s demand for testimony or until a judge sees fit to free them with cause.

This would normally be a simple procedure - those not responding to subpoenas would be held in contempt without hesitation - but these cases are complicated by the fact that declining to appear comes as a result of a direct order from the Commander-In-Chief, President Donald Joebarron Trump.

Impeachment Chief Counsel, the ravishing Satya Martin, explains why her side feels that the president’s order is irrelevant and should not supersede the powers of Congress:

“Are you kidding me? The inquiry is about the wrongdoing of the president himself! The accused can’t interfere with witness testimony! What the hell? Are we being governed by a mob law?

This is basic f***ing common sense! I hope Trump continues though. He’s making charges of obstruction of justice a no-brainer.”

White House lawyers disagree, citing Article 2 of the constitution, which, as stated by President Trump, allows the president to do whatever he wants. A court battle is sure to come.

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