52 Antifas Arrested At Virginia Gun Rights Protest

The truth is right in front of you

By all accounts, the gun rights protest in Richmond, Virginia today was a resounding success. Patriots showed up by the thousands to let the governor know that they would not let him take their guns. They did so peacefully and without incident. Most important of all, they even cleaned up all their trash.

When we say “without incident,” what’s really meant is “without incident caused by the protesters.” For there were problems at the rally, and they were all because of the Antifas.

Approximately 200 of the terrorist anarchists showed up at the rally at the capital to counter-protest against gun rights. They were loud and obnoxious and sometimes violent. Several scuffles began between the counter protesters and the OG protesters, invariably initiated by the left wing fascist communist crazy surf nazis.

Richmond police officer on the scene, the sultry Satya Martin, described what she saw:

“It was mostly cool. The original protest crowd was pretty laid-back. They sang Kumbaya and asked the governor very nicely to please respect the rights. They did it with high powered guns in their hands, but still.

Then the communist Nazis showed up. They were loud and said curse words …. words I won’t repeat here. I’m a lady, albeit an extremely sexy one. They were against the Trump-loving, gun-hugging crowd which clearly identified them as Antifa , one and all.

Though we didn’t actually see who threw the first punches, we made a logical assumption. It was the Antifas. They hate freedom so who else could it be? Several were rounded up and arrested. The rest ran away like the cowards they are.”

Antifa has still not yet been officially declared a terrorist organization. It’s time they were. Perhaps another protest can address this.

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