Newsom: California Filing Bankruptcy ‘Inevitable’

Welfare state California, which has been run into the ground by Governor Gavin Newsom and his aunt Nancy, is on the verge of bankruptcy according to many credible sources. Surprise, surprise, a liberal blue state is going bankrupt. Maybe if they lived within their means, they wouldn’t have this problem.

Historically, red states have been supporting California’s wild and crazy spending habits like benefits for illegals and the Free Hamberders for Seniors program. Finally, and mercifully, rich states like Mississippi and Alabama have said “Enough”.

Revenue for the state will also significantly drop due to Newsom’s order that the military will not be welcome in the state beginning October 1. The state will have no choice but to file a Chapter 27 bankruptcy to duck their creditors — a shameful act for wealthy businessmen and states alike.

Noble Prize-winning journalist Art Tubolls caught up with Senate Majority Leader Mitchard McConnell.

“Well, good for them. They got the message that we won’t go for anymore of these blue state bailouts. The clean coal industry in Kentucky, which is completely fictional, cannot afford to support states that have made terrible decisions in the past. They’ve always thumbed their noses at us but I ask you today: who is the turtle now?”

Regardless of what Leader McConnell thinks, the answer to his question is still him. Of course, any state the files bankruptcy, which isn’t even a thing, would drive down the national credit rating, which would greatly impact everyone in the country…but hey, at least you get to own the libs.

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