Federal Judge Puts Gag Order on CNN’s ‘Misinformation’ About Trump Briefings

A federal court has decided that President Trump was right all along: CNN is fake news. Justice Buford T Gleason of the 79th District Court of Writs, Warrants, Acquisitions, and Probate issued a ruling putting a temporary gag order on the network to try to “slow the flow of misinformation” about the President’s press briefings on the coronavirus.

According to the official ruling:

“During a national emergency it is the duty of the chief executive to be a positive influence for the country, and the duty of the free press to cover that doody honestly. CNN has repeatedly undermined the good intentions of the President by telling the story behind the story, which is often lewss truthful than the story, in order for the story to sound like Trump is lying. Whether or not Trump is lying, the story has to cover the talking points of the President’s story, not the real story behind the story, according to SCOTUS rulings on the 4th Amendment.”

And with that, CNN will have to either stop telling stories like “Trump suggested sticking light bulbs in your pooper and injecting bleach,” even if the story may be technically factual, because interpretation is what’s important. The President has never suggested that anyone put anything in their butt, other than maybe Stormy Daniels, and never suggested injecting anything other than the stimulants he uses to keep doing such a wonderful job being a positive role model for our nation’s children.

Thank you, Mr. President. We plan to continue covering the positive side of COVID 19 and not the doom and gloom and statistics of the left. Maybe if we talk less about people dying and more about how great Trump has been through all of this, America can start to heal.

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