Opinion: Trump Should File an Article 2 Motion To Impeach Nancy Pelosi

President Trump is a master of playing the game politicians have been failing at for decades. There’s this little thing in our country called the “Constitution.” Unfortunately, most people are pretty unaware of what it says, and that includes our elected officials.

A great example is the current impeachment coup. Some folks are stuck on the belief that impeachment is fair and legal just because it’s listed as a duty of the House of Representatives. That’s not true at all. The process, as laid out in Article 2, says that the Speaker of the House must commit to a fair and legal inquiry otherwise she is in contempt of Congress and subject to impeachment herself.

It’s right there, plain as day, in Section 12, Subsection 3 under rules of impeachment. Yet nobody is talking about it.

The White House hasn’t mentioned it, but those working closely with the impeachment process say that the President is aware and considering that as an option. The problem is, with the partisan hacks on the left, there’s the possibility that they’d use such an extreme measure and draft yet another bogus impeachment article.

But a solution is available.

In 1973, Congress passed an emergency bill with the impending impeachment of Richard Nixon that would allow the President to appeal directly to the Supreme Court with a motion to invoke an Article 2 impeachment of the Speaker should things get truly out of control.

Nixon never exercised that option, because Nixon was actually guilty of crimes and the Supreme Court would have surely denied the claim, making him look desperate. But…is that how Trump would look? Let’s not forget that this man remains completely composed and hasn’t been rattled in the least by all of this nonsense, because he knows he can’t be convicted.

That means that he has every right to file a motion to remove Pelosi. Whether or not it works would be up to the Court to decide, not a bunch of liberals in California and New York. And while Mitch McConnell thinks it’s a bad idea because it sets a precedent for future Democrats to abuse, those of us who support Trump know that’s never going to happen again.

The Democrat party is on the verge of being pronounced dead. This would be the final nail in the coffin, and with the conservative majority on the court, it should pass without a problem.

It’s time for us all to write our Senators and Congressmen and tell them to urge President Trump to request an Article 2 Impeachment Inquiry as soon as possible.

The future of our country depends on it.