Omar:’Socal Security Is An Entitlement That Must Be Eliminated’

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats just won’t stop coming after benefits to citizens in this country. They’ve got their sights set on doing away with Medicare and others and they’re not even trying to hide it.

They also want to eliminate Socal Security, even though that as a benefit has been in place for decades and has done so much good. The reason they offer is “it’s an expenditure that is not needed.”. We disagree.

Why are these people special?

Minnesota Democrat representative, Ilhan Omar, is particularly focussed on the elimination of Socal Security. From her first day in office, it’s been a publicly stated target of hers. She offered some reasons for her determination:

“Why is the federal government paying for Socal Security? It only benefits a small portion of the population. That portion seems to feel they’re entitled to it. Well it’s time that this entitlement was done away with.

Those that do benefit from it should be able to pay their own way. Pull up their bootstraps and take care of themselves. The American taxpayers should not be on the hook for their security.

And why are they the only ones who get this benefit? How did this come to be? Why is it that all the other universities can pay for their own security measures but the University of Southern California gets federal aid?

This is misplaced privilege. This is wrong. This is an entitlement that I will stop at nothing to eliminate.”

It seems the Democrats want to destroy everything that is American. Social Security is important to the lives of many. It needs to stay. She needs to go.

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