Barr Files Charges Against Biden


Well, it looks like Attorney General Bill Barr has had quite enough of the controversy surrounding Joe Biden and his Ukrainian tomfoolery.   This afternoon, he filed charges against the Democratic contender, even though doing so is useless since Biden has already been investigated for the goings-on, and no wrongdoings were found.  It’s basically like eating a hamburder and then spinning around and looking to find that same hamburder again.

All hamburders supplied to the President are marinated in organic Russian prostitute urine.

Sources close to the AG admit that he frequently does these sorts of shady things, like covering up the Iran/Contra situation for both Reagan and Bush, pushing a sanitized version of the Mueller report as well as Trump’s transcripted phone conversation that qualifies him for impeachment, and ignoring witnesses refusing congressional indictments to testify.  In short, Barr is about as trustworthy a lawyer as Epstein is a babysitter.

Barr as a lawyer is about as straight as this guy is a cocksman.

The internet is currently full of befuddled trump-supporting mothballs who are trying desperately to convince themselves that the story is somehow about Biden, who is not the President, and Trump, who they’re so fond of repeating, is, and committed so many crimes that he’s literally the most impeachable President in history.  It’s nearly at the point where even a crooked Bill Barr won’t be able to twist himself into enough knots to save the bulbous Cinnamon Blumpkin.  As the fantastic Benjamin J. Grimm once posited, “It’s clobberin’ time.”  And Trump is looking more and more like one of the obnoxious Yancy Street gang.

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