NFL’s ‘Celebration of Obama Day’ Will Feature Every Player In #44

The truth is right in front of you

On Sunday in 2 weeks, every player from every National Football League team will abandon their regular jersey numbers in favor of the number 44 in order to celebrate what the league says will become an annual tradition: ‘The Celebration of Obama Day. America’s Greatest President.’

The celebration is apparently the result of a compromise reached between the league and the player’s union, created after kneeling for the national anthem was banned. Union heads were persuaded to accept this event in lieu as an “expression of similar anger and resentment toward the man.” In addition to the on field numerical antics, the day of honor will include halftime slideshow displays of Obama achievements in office and balls to be signed by Obama in select concourses.

Cleveland Browns backup quarterback, Jonah Barron, led the charge to have this day become a reality and he tells us why it was so important to him:

“Kneeling revealed to the country how terribly perturbed we are about people of colour in this country being treated like they’re nothing by police. Recognizing the greatness of Obama and his own notice of the same, kind of reveals the same thing to the world.

Kneeling also revealed the hypocrisy of the right. Yes, we took a knee for the anthem. People said we were disrespectful traitors. Those same people booed us as we knelt. So they were booing during the national anthem. It doesn’t get more disrespectful than that.

We expect they will also boo displays of Obama while flags are waving all over the place. They will boo the flag!

This is going to be delicious! Gridiron trolling!”

Barron is known for his “trolling” skills both on and off the field so it’s of no surprise that he would come up with this. But we won’t fall for it. We’ll be cheering all the way through the Obama celebrations in order to show him we are true patriots.

Barron smirked.

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