AOC Made Adult Films During College

The truth is right in front of you

Several videos have been discovered on the internet pornography site, Pornhub, that show a side of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that she didn’t want seen…..but that has been seen by millions. The videos have been available for years but it wasn’t until now that the actress starring in them was identified as Miss Cortez.

Her “stage name” for the explicit performances was “Latin Lolita” and it took hours of extensive and dedicated research on my part to positively identify Lolita as the Democrat Representative. Hours and hours were spent meticulously examining each and every of one the young lady’s smut shows until finally I achieved satisfaction.

Her adult entertainment career was short but her catalog extensive. Titles included “Coed Craziness” and “Teacher, Can You Help Me Pass?”, each centered around college life.

Her film persona was also possessed a rather large breast augmentation that she obviously had removed prior to her career in politics. She was a stereotype of a porn star.

Ocasio-Cortez probably didn’t think anybody would ever make the connection between Lolita and herself. After all, porn AOC wore heavy makeup and had that luscious, gargantuan bosom, while political AOC is more subdued and natural looking. But she didn’t count on this reporter’s obsession with the facts, with my desire to learn. And now the truth is out.

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