Antifa Hold Flag Bonfire For Independence Day

The truth is right in front of you

While most Americans celebrated our nation’s independence in traditional ways - backyard barbecues, citywide fairs, fireworks, or, for the lucky, attending “President Trump’s Salute To America!” This what red-blooded patriotic Americans do. Which explains why Antifa went in the other direction.

Antifa demonstrated to the world that they do not stand for Trump, God, or America by holding what they called an  “America Deserves Worse” party and live streaming the event on Facebook. During the event, members of Antifa ranted and raved about the evils of America, claiming we “created all the world’s problems through love of money over all”, and other typical fascist nonsense.

The main attraction of Antifa’s show was, of course, the burning of the US flag. But they weren’t content  burning just one flag like your average, garden variety traitor. Oh no! They had a bonfire. A mass burning of  flags that they had stolen from homes and businesses all over America over the course of the last God-only-knows-how-long. Ten thousand flags in all, they claimed.

After the torching began, dozens of these thugs - faces hidden like the cowards they are - could be heard to laugh maniacally and dance with glee.  They then had an orgy and sacrificed 51 babies - one for each state and one for good measure. Finally, they performed 45 late term abortions and had everybody participate in creating a “video birthday card” to be forwarded to Lord Soros.

This group was smart enough to hide their exact location but authorities are on the job and we can be confident that arrests are imminent.

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