Facebook Refused Red,White,& Blue Cover Pics For July 4

The truth is right in front of you

In celebration of the LGBTQ community, Facebook created an array of rainbow flags to honor the gay community. There were several to choose from and people from all segments of society all around the world used them. Those opposed to the celebration of sin kept their mouths shut while they waited out “Pride Month”, respectful of the feelings of others as good, God-fearing people are.

So if Facebook is so into celebrations of this type, you’d think they would apply that to other sources of pride too, right?  You would logically assume that Zuckerberg and company would want to spread pride in OUR GREAT COUNTRY! AT LEAST FOR ONE DAY! THE DAY OF THE BIRTH OF OUR NATION! JULY 4!

But that is not what they wanted. In fact, they refused to create any Americana covers to honor the Independence Day of America.

Zuckerberg reportedly said America should use this to celebrate America, “Because it looks like Q-Bert and nothing is more American than Q-Bert”

Hank Helmer is the head of “America #1 Good Guy”, an advocacy group for forcing patriotism upon businesses and individuals in the USA. He had communicated with Mr Zuckerberg personally to negotiate the creation of “Murica Covers” throughout the month of June. As he tells it :

“Zuck was NOT into the idea of promoting America! AT ALL!  I asked for any American image - Lady Liberty, Constitution, Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Trump …..THE FLAG!

He wouldn’t even give us the flag! THEY GAVE IT TO THE GAYS! THE GAYS! BUT NOT AMERICANS!


Thw anti-American sentiment that exists in corporate America today is shocking. Perhaps President Trump will address this and make them do the right thing.

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