Illegals Storm Border As Guards Watch DC Parade

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump invited one and all to “Take the day off to enjoy the festivities of the Salute To America'”, a first of its kind event held in D.C. today, and hundreds of millions of proud Americans took his advice. Everyone from stay at home moms, to firefighters, to politicians were glued to their television sets across the country to take in the glorious spectacle. Our nation’s Border Patrol guards were no exception, it seems. And this spelled trouble.

Two dozen guards in the El Paso region are facing charges fo abandoning their posts during the D.C. event so that they could go to a local watering hole to watch like everybody else. This, of course, left the region vulnerable to invasion as only two guards remained for the 100 mile stretch.

Inevitably, word of this “open border” was spread to forces on Mexico, probably one of their liberal informants, eager to make a name for itself with its foreign overlords. It’s estimated that, after hearing of the easy access, over ten thousand illegal aliens from Aruba, Maldives, Trinidad, Tobago, and Santa Lucia poured over the border into the United States and quickly spread themselves from coast to coast in a well-organized plan to avoid interception, arrest, and deportation.

This huge crowd of criminals wandered through the streets.Or they could be a trump rally crowd. Trump uses such pictures to say both. Really it’s neither.

Detained guard, Hank Helmer, confessed to reporters :

“President Trump went to a lot of trouble to put this together. The Obamas never had a day to salute America. They used the fourth to look at the past, worshipping people from the 1700’s. That’s not what this day is about. Today is about congratulating our leadership for a job well done. And we wanted to do that by boosting ratings for our President.”

This is a complicated case. The guards did abandon their duty but they did so for moral reasons. I guess we will see what the courts decide.


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