Alec Baldwin Arrested For Lewd Acts Against Trump In NYC

Lock him up!


Known liberal loon and so-called actor, Alec Baldwin was arrested and booked into Rikers Island prison after committing lewd acts outside of Jared Kushner’s 666 5th Avenue property in NYC last night. It’s a shame they didn’t throw away the key.

The failing Baldwin brother who is not as good looking as his conservative sibling is only known in recent years for his appearances on SNL, which has terrible ratings. They can only wish they had the same ratings as the best president in our lifetimes or were half as good at insulting losers.

A statement by the arresting Officer Sandra Batt was obtained by Art Tubolls:

“He was standing in the street disobeying our shelter-in-place laws, dressed up in a perverse costume mocking our terrific president. Taking selfies of his middle finger in front of the building. He was wearing a sagging diaper, a clownish red tie, coated in cheese dust that smelled like Doritos and a stuffed guinea pig on his head. It was crazy.”

Officer Batt continued:

“He was saying some truly uncouth and insulting things about New Yorkers. He demanded that New York had better treat him well or they can all drop dead. He called our medical professionals, fire fighters and EMS thieves. These are people who got us through 9/11. He said they were stealing all the masks.

It gets worse. He was deranged and saying that if New York residents want to live then they should call him daily, hourly even, begging for hospital beds and ventilators. That they can’t have a “mutiny” when the Captain controls what they need. What a sicko. Who talks like that while Americans are dying?

We reached out to Baldwin’s publicist for comment on his childish and unAmerican behavior at a time like this, but have yet to hear a response. We won’t hold our breath.

It’s no surprise Baldwin would politicize a pandemic to divide the country and make it all about himself. Liberals are shameful.

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