Gohmert: ‘I Will Leave Everything to Trump If I Die’

The truth is right in front of you

Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is COVID-19 positive. After weeks of not following social distancing recommendations and not wearing a mask, his life is now in danger due to his advanced age and medical conditions.

Gohmert tearfully made an announcement that he will leave everything to President Trump’s re-election campaign, should he not win the fight against what he referred to as a Democrat hoax as little as a few hours before his test came back positive.

While this sounds like a grand gesture on Gohmert’s part, it is largely symbolic. Gohmert, who votes on the budget and other financial items in Congres, has been hilariously incompetent in handling his own personal finances and has a net worth of $1.97.

“If I had millions then I’d give it all to him. Well, I don’t. This doesn’t make my contribution any less valuable than anyone else’s!”

White House staffer Joe Barron spoke about Gohmert’s…contribution offer while stifling a laugh.

“Honestly, we’d give his buck 97 to his wife. His contribution won’t do a thing for us. It will cost us more to process it than it would to accept it.

But let’s talk about Louie. This guy can’t manage his finances and is somehow dirt poor. We all laugh at him behind his back.

Not only does he vote against his own best interest, he sponsors bills that directly will hurt his family after he dies. He’s my favorite useful idiot of all time.”

Word of the donation offer, but not the amount, reached President Trump.

Melania and I are very appreciative of Representative Gohmert’s generous offer to help Keep America Great Again. We wish him a speedy and painless death. And condolences to his wife and family if he has one. He does? Good for him.”

Even in the hardest fight of his life, Gohmert is keeping America’s best interest at heart. The Democrats could learn so much from him.

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