Alabama to Defy ANTIFA and Fly Confederate Flag on the Capitol Again

In the past few years, monuments to the history of the brave soldiers of the Confederacy have been taken down by liberal activists, judges, and those blind to history. All over the nation, patriots wearing shirts that say “America - Love it or Leave it” while waving the Rebel flag have been peacefully and respectfully protesting these transgressions against history.

One state has said “no more!” The great state of Alabama.  Montgomery, Alabama was the original capital of the Confederate States of America. You can walk up the stairs at the State Capitol and see the very spot where the second-best President gave his inauguration speech, then walk over to his old house.

The Civil War also inspired that killer song from Guns N’ Roses…November Rain.

Outside of Alabama’s Capitol Building, the Southern Cross will fly high, just above the State Flag, which is higher than the flag of the United States of America, which is only there because we love and support the best President we’ve had, one Donald J. Trump. If we had him on our side during the Civil War, that war would have been over in way less than four years!

Patriots from all over the country, like Sandy Batt, are expected to flock to the city to see this great monument to our heritage, then maybe head over to the Hank Williams Museum, watch the Biscuits play, and definitely to get some Dreamland BBQ while they’re there.

Of course, the results of the Civil War don’t matter and the fact that the Confederate States of America lasted four whole years also doesn’t matter because the South will rise again!

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