Yovanavitch Allegedly Blackmailed By Schiff For Testimony

The truth is right in front of you

Former US Ambassador to the Ukraine, Madeline Yovanavitch, provided what some are calling damning testimony about President Trump before the Impeachment Inquiry last week. Some legal observers feel that her calm demeanor and strong memory of events surrounding Trump’s alleged ‘quid pro quo’ call to the Ukraine, provided the credibility that the Democrats’ case needed to go forward.

But now it seems that it may have all been a fabrication begun by none other than impeachment chair, Adam Marcellus Schiff.

Witnesses claim to have heard a heated conversation between Yovanavitch and Schiff during the break from her testimony that they told friends, who then told us. The ambassador was heard to say, “I said what you wanted, now give me the tape,” with Schiff replying, “You still have a long way to go. I’m not done with you yet.” To all who heard, it seemed that some sort of pressure was being put on Yovanavitch and that she was acting against her will.

Schiff had added,

“Stick to the plan. See it all the way through and your daughter will have no problem.”

All of this seems to clearly add up to witness intimidation and suborning perjury, great crimes in any circumstance, but many times more so before congress in a case of this magnitude. So much more so that a charges of treason would not be out of the realm of possibility.

This could be just the evidence needed to bring this kangaroo court proceeding to an end. Schiff could not win with facts and so he may have been giving his witnesses scripts to work from with ‘alternative facts.’ If true, charges against democrats are sure to come. An investigation has not yet been announced but likely will not happen. Time will tell.

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