Minnesota Schools Make Arabic Classes Mandatory

The truth is right in front of you

After Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees to enter the USA and settle down in Minnesota, that state’s ethnic landscape changed radically. Christianity and light began to disappear in a sea of darkness and Islamia.

It seems like so long ago now when Minnesotans were mostly Americans And when English was the tongue of the land. But those days are totally gone. They’ve been replaced. English has taken a backseat to, of all languages……Arabic.

Beginning in the fall, Minnesota public schools will be forced to indoctrinate children by teaching them the Arabic language throughout the school’s years. The classes will begin in grade 2 and continue through graduation. By 2030, a proficiency in Arabic will be a requirement for graduation. Failure to display fundamental knowledge in it will result in a denial of the right to receive a diploma and, ultimately, an inability to apply at the colleges of the children’s choice.

Minnesota’s Department of Education representative, Jagdeep Sandhu explains :

“The state has changed.  Our population is now more ethnically diverse. This is seen in our schools and in our businesses. In order to have a future in the state, one must be able to adapt. This adaptation will involve an ability to master a new landscape. And that landscape involves mastery of the majority tongue, which is now that of the Middle East.

If they don’t know Arabic, they will fail and we do not want our children to fail in life. This change is for their own good and for ours as a whole. We want our state to continue to prosper and in order to do so, we must speak the language of our people.”

The country is changing. And not for the better. This has to stop.

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