With Impeachment Over, Ukraine Restarts investigation Into Bidens

There was no quid pro quo call. The acquittal of President Trump proves that the call was perfect. No extortion, no bribery, just perfection.

But lost in all of this impeachment nonsense was what started it all - the crimes of Joe and Hunter Biden. They never went away. They were just pushed aside because of everything else that was going on. Ukrainian authorities themselves waited to see what would become of this impeachment, hanging on for instruction from Trump to see if they should proceed once again with their legal inquiries.

Now that President Trump’s innocence has been proven, that instruction has been given and Ukrainian President Krutov has been ordered to recommence the investigation into the corruption of the former Vice-President and his son.

White House Justice spokesperson, Ben Peenspear, announced the exciting news today:

“Everybody has been briefed repeatedly about the corruption in Ukraine. They seem powerless to stop it and so are counting on us to do it for them. America is draining the swamp throughout the world.

Now that the impeachment hoax is over, this important work must continue. President Zubov has been told in no uncertain terms to proceed as planned. This means that the top secret plan to get to the root of the Biden problem by interviewing witnesses within the energy company that work closely with Hunter will be carried out effective immediately.

This is a great day for democracy, a great day for America, not such a great day for the Bidens.”

Peenspear went on to express great confidence in the investigation that will follow, an investigation that he expects will bear fruit within the week, with arrests of the entire Biden clan and the probable start of another abuse of power investigation  against President Trump.

It’s about time. We have waited long enough.

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