AOC College Photos Surface Showing Her In Blackface

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats are the “Do as I say, not as I do” party. They constantly go on and on about lessons in high morality, scolding everybody for not achieving the lofty standards they preach. But they themselves fail to achieve as well. Time and time again, Democrats are busted committing the very “sins” which they lambaste all others for committing.

Case in point, blackface. Liberals complain all the time about how “racist” the practice of painting oneself in dark makeup in order to portray people of African origin is. To them, it’s a sin greater than sexual assault or murder, both of which they are also prolific in.

We’ve seen white liberal in blackface in movies, on television, and in politics. And now the latest hypocrite - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Joy Behar’s picture has made us realize that half of America’s population in the 1970’s was guilty of walking around in blackface on a daily basis.

It seems that Miss Cortez didn’t just skip the books in favor of dancing like a harlot on rooftops when she was in college. She also enjoyed covering herself in blackface to pretend to be African-American much to the delight of all her communist friends.

A former sexual partner of hers from the college years, Joe Barron, has released a series of photographs that expose her monumental hypocrisy to the world. In them, Cortez is seen in full black makeup - not just her face but also arms and legs - and African- type clothing with a turban of sorts. She went full “black body.” Barron described her appearance and attitude:

“She did it for me. We both knew it was wrong but did it anyway. You see, I have a thing for black chicks. Alex was darker since she’s Hispanic, but I wanted more. When she put on that face, we had the best time ever! That woman is insatiable!

Alex? If you’re reading this, I miss you. I got a reduction just for you after we broke up. You’d be able to handle me now. Call me.”

Liberals are the worst kinds of morality preachers. They never mean what they say. They just want us to feel as if we are doing wrong while they do exactly the same. And then they laugh at us.

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