RGB Admits The Strike Against Iranian General Was a ‘Clean Kill’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was caught telling the truth when she admitted to our reporter in the field that the attack on Iran’s top military leader was a “clean kill.” She looked down at her shoes in disgust having to admit that her nemesis, Donald Trump, was in the right:

“While I disagree with the decision, there’s nothing on the books that says he can’t do it. Sure, it was stupid, shortsighted, and will potentially lead us down the path to another endless war with a much more dangerous foe than we’ve faced since Vietnam, but it’s not illegal.”

RGB went further with her propaganda after admitting Trump was right, saying that she’d be surprised if the Iranians didn’t “exercise their right under international law to retaliate.” She also pointed out that since we are no longer part of the nuclear accord that kept Iran from developing a nuclear weapon until this point, there is nothing to stop them moving forward:

“Trump may not be able to be charged with a war crime for the attack, but threatening cultural sites is a different story. I hope for his sake he doesn’t go through with that. We’re already pretty much on our own. Taking out Persian culture in the cradle of civilization would be a fool’s errand. But…the man is a fool.”

So in the end, while she didn’t have anything nice to say about President Trump, she was still forced to admit that he is completely exonerated from any accusations of war crimes for the time being, which should satisfy the liberals, but it won’t.

They’ll keep listening to all the other nonsense that she said and repeating it as though her opinion matters to anyone. Stick to what you know, RGB. This isn’t your area. The constitution has nothing to do with what Trump does in a foreign country. he’s allowed to be our leader, whether you like it or not.

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