Trump Has Given Up $25 Billion In Earnings To Serve His Country

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump is famously selfless. He gave his billionaire playboy lifestyle to assume the presidency. He is volunteering his time in the job. He donated a million dollars to veteran charities. His Trump Foundation has helped people with billions of dollars. He never ever thinks of himself, only others.

We are now learning the true extent of his sacrifice. An independent financial services group has conducted a thorough audit of Trump’s financials and has revealed an astronomical figure indicative of what the President stood to earn had he stayed in private life.


The audit by Bulworth-Sandusky examined Trump’s personal net worth on Inauguration Day, as well his business holdings at the time. It then used a predictive analysis to estimate future earnings and an algorithm to conclude what future assets would have been purchased, which future projects, which investments he would have entered into, and so forth. It assumed that economic conditions on his first day in the White House would be maintained for the period up until now, though it did allow some continued degradation of the economic environment due to the Obama presidency.

It seems that Trump joined public service at precisely the wrong time if he wished to rapidly expand his wealth. His existing investments were poised for gigantic leaps and his existing holdings had set him up for an array of new ventures worldwide that would have more than tripled his personal wealth.

This is President Donald Jonasbro Trump. He is an example to us all.

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