‘Blacks For Trump’ Is Now The Largest Racial-Political Movement In History

The truth is right in front of you

When Trump was campaigning for president and, subsequently, when he was elected, the talk from liberals was continuous ranting about how “racist” he is. They pointed to events in his past with regard to employees and to supposedly inflammatory statements he made while campaigning, but none of it really rang true.

Fast forward to today, with a movement known as “Blacks For Trump” sweeping the nation. It is estimated that 72% of the African-American population of the United States is now in full support of President Trump and his plan to make them and all of America great again. And the numbers are growing every day.

All across the country, assimilation has begun.

The love in the community for Trump is so strong that they are going through drastic changes in themselves to express it. Skin bleaching services offered in shops across the country are reporting a huge increase in business from African-Americans eager to change in a way that will please our new President. Everywhere you look, black men, women, and children are turning white to show their love.

Satya Martin before and after her skin procedure.

Satya Martin, pictured above, is one of those of African heritage who felt that becoming white was the best possible way there was to show trump how committed she was to the presidents vision for the future:

“I mean, we’ve all heard him. He speaks badly of people with colour in their skin. And yet, he’s a great man.

I feel that I’m pretty great myself, but the colour of my skin might make it hard for President Trump to see that. That’s why one month ago, I decided to make a change. I began procedures to change my pigmentation and look at me now! A resounding success! You never know that a short time ago I was one of those that Trump despises!

I’m helping to make America great again!”

This is my cat.

It looks as though Trump message is really getting through to the American population, to those of all ethnic and religious and racial backgrounds. Soon everyone will have a assimilated into one bland, vanilla American citizen.

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