‘Trump’s Law’ Will Defend Biblical Marriage

The truth is right in front of you

A new measure that is being dubbed “Trump’s Law” is seeking passage to the Supreme Court. It is a return to the definition of marriage as described in the Holy Bible, a definition which our President says “never should have been altered to begin with”.

We couldn’t agree more. This country was founded on Christian principles yet those very same principles have gone astray in favor of multicultural views on the union. Gay marriage, citizenship marriages, marriages for love; these are all concepts created by man and they defy the ideals of matrimony as demonstrated by God in scripture.

And so here we are. In this modern world, we find ourselves having to go to court in order to fight for a return to our holy beginnings. It’s appalling that it should come to this.

Acting White House Press Secretary, Barb Dwyer, told us more of what her boss seeks :

“A return to god’s marriage is not complicated. Females should be forced to marry as soon as they hit puberty. They should be sold to men as one would sell cattle. In the marriage, the female would become her husband’s property and must obey his every whim.

Trump’s new press secretary was hand-picked by the president himself

Women should marry just the once. The man can have as many wives as he wishes. And have concubines. And slaves to satisfy his needs and have his way with. This is what god describes for us.

Marriage will be for gaining status and acquiring land by families. Love marriages should be illegal.

There’s more but that’s the basics.”

Trump’s Law will be before the court in September of a year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for passage.

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