FCC Slaps SNL, Colbert, Kimmel With Fines For Slandering Trump With ‘Jokes’

The truth is right in front of you

Comedians have been using their ‘jokes’ as excuses to smear our President Trump for their own political purposes ever since his Inauguration Day. They tell outright lies about our elected leader and they’ve been able to get away with it under the guise of calling their words ‘comedy.’ But their words aren’t funny, they’re hurtful and have very real, unfunny consequences.

White House officials, including the President himself, have been trying for years now to bring this practice to an end, threatening loss of license and personal lawsuits to no avail, but now something is finally being done. The FCC has begun issuing massive fines, not to the networks, but to the self-described comics themselves, for “using their shows for political gain through the use of libellous statements and imagery under the guise of entertainment.” Joe Barron, head of the new FCC PPE - Presidential Protection Entity - tells us how this new federal legislation came to pass:

“Network comic entertainers have been using what they call their ‘artistic license’ as an excuse to push their political agendas for too long. Their ‘work’ is clearly partisan in nature and serves not to amuse their audience but to weaken the position of government while simultaneously strengthening that of the opposition.

But no more. Henceforth, these people will be held responsible for the damage the do when they weaken the public’s confidence in our president.

We have already commenced issuing fines. Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have each personally been hit with penalties in the amount of $2 million each, Saturday Night Live’s performers will collectively pay $24 million. Others are pending.”

This is a plan whose time has come. Hollywood has been using their position to sway voters through falsehoods for too long. A new era has begun.

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