California Senate Drops Pledge Of Allegiance From Sessions

The truth is right in front of you

Not a day seems to go by without California showing  their disloyalty to this country. From the governor’s constant jeering of President Trump to removing US flags, they have made it clear that they hate America.  Their latest move merely emphasizes this … if we needed more convincing.

The California Senate, at the direction of Pelosi nephew, Governor Gavin Newsom, has made a decision to no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance prior to sessions. Governor Newsom took a moment to explain their reasoning :

“This nation has become increasingly hostile toward us, largely because of the vitriolic words our current fake president. We have become isolated as a result. We are, essentially, an island. An island on our own within the continental USA.

We did not ask for this treatment. We have merely exercised our rights as an independent state. Others do not have to like our decisions. But they should respect them. As they do not, we have been forced to become much more self supportive.

That’s ok. We’re rich beyond belief. We can handle it. But you’ve all hurt our feelings. You are soooooo mean. And so we feel no desire to pledge our loyalty to the rest of you. Screw. You. All.”

Is Pledge patriotism tied to federal funding? If it’s not, it should be


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