Trump to Invoke Martial Law to Round up Liberals

This will fix their lberal wagon’s but good.

President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order which will be bad luck for liberals this Memorial Day Weekend. America’s Last Line of Defense received double top-secret documents about “Operation Honey Monster” a plan to remove the liberal scourge from the planet.

Originally it was only reported to RT, Russian Television, that President Trump declared Martial law in the interests of National Security which is the foundation of the secret, covert operation. The OHM exercises will begin in California this Monday, starting in San Francisco then moving rapidly across the country to all sanctuary cities in the nation rounding up liberals of all shapes and sizes, mostly thin and pasty frail due to their lack of meat in their leftist Commie, vegan, catatonic dietary diets. 

White House acting deputy council of the Office of Liberal Relations Sandy Batt who phoned in from Panama City, Fl beach said today, 

“President Trump is sick and tired of all of their witch-hunts and hoax’s that they keep coming up with on a daily basis. It’s like they thrive on chaos with their never ending hoaxes around here, so we will show those smart butt’s it’s not funny and they just need to stop it.

The only people who will be detained are those wacky liberals and trolls, not true patriotic, flag waving, gun owning, good Christian Americans. This will fix their liberal wagon’s but good. It’s time they find out who runs things on this planet. Besides we know those mask wearing morons will all be at home because they are afraid to leave their “safe zones.”

Of course because of his kind, gentle, loving nature this is just a temporary measure designed to stop all of this liberal foolishness and will teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget. It will be a “Scared Straight” kind of Martial Law.

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