REPORT: Uranium From Hillary’s Sale Found In Iranian Missiles

The truth is right in front of you

Uranium inspectors from the United Nations have been visiting Iran quite frequently these past few months. They’ve been doing so in an effort to ward off an all out war between Iran in the United States of America.  The visits had been quick and rudimentary, there wasn’t much to see as Iran was abiding by their agreement of a few years ago. That is, until last week.

For last week, Iran was found to have had enriched uranium beyond the levels of their agreement. So the question became how did they get their hands on it? This needed to be asked because Iran on its own did not have access to such levels of uranium of this incredible mutating power. This particular product is only to be found in a very few parts of the world. And one of those is  right here in the USA.

Closer inspection of the uranium  found that it did indeed come from a  native American supply. This led to a microanalysis which revealed that the ore was particular to the company Geranium-One, and on even more detailed analysis , the UN found that the samples matched those from the Geranium-One sale that Hillary put together with Russia.

Though particular to the mining of their namesake flower, Geranium-One is also known to dabble in radioactive material.

This is mind blowing. It means that Hillary Clinton conducted a sale of nuclear material to a hostile country. So our weapons grade uranium went to a nation that would use it against us. That is treason.

UN inspection teams are preparing a report that they will be forwarding to AG Bare  to add to his existing investigation file  into Hillary’s activities. It is widely believed we can expect charges soon.

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