Trump Pays Off Mortgages Of Vulnerable Families

The truth is right in front of you

There seems to be no end to the kindness that our president shows to the people of America. From building a wall to keep us safe from invaders, to deporting the dreamers, to giving enormous tax breaks to those most in need, he just gives and gives and gives.  This week he gave some more.

The Devos family found themselves in hard times. Down to their last oodles of cash, they feared losing their latest home purchase because of unwillingness to pay. They were completely distraught and depressed. All seemed lost.

Enter President Trump - not in his capacity as President, but rather just as a charitable man. Trump arranged to completely pay off the Devos’ mortgage, with no requirement to repay. Now, the modest fifty thousand acre ranch is theirs to keep, paid in full.

Mrs Devos was overcome:

“This is a miracle! We didn’t know what we were going to do! We seemed to suddenly run out of ways to bilk people into getting homes for free while under Obama. It was horrifying to think we might have to pay for this one.

President Trump is truly a great and wonderful man!”

For his part, the President was very humble, setting aside all the praise that was heaped upon him, as is his way:

“My only concern is the well being of the American people. I have a lot of money. I mean A LOT.  I’m really rich. You can’t even imagine how rich I am. And, since becoming president, I’m becoming waaaay richer.

The cash poor Koshners were forced to live on their dinghy.

I could easily afford to pay off the mortgage of this family and those of the Koshners and the Ruckerfellas, which I’ve also arranged for. I could but that’s irrelevant. I’m not paying them off. The American people are because this is the greatest country on earth.”

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