Biden to Nominate AOC to be Next Secretary of Education

President-elect Joe Biden has been busy assembling his transition team to be ready to take over the reins as President in late January.

As expected, a cursory examination of the list has revealed that he truly has no clue of what is going on.

Homer Simpson is his proposed Secretary of Energy nominee because he works in a nuclear plant.

Glenn Stanley is his proposed Secretary of Agriculture nominee because he has a potato masher for a profile picture on social media.

However, both of these ridiculous nominations pale in comparison to his proposed nominee for Secretary of Education, one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The brass Congresswoman has been a champion of education reform to make secondary education at public universities free while also seeking to stimulate the economy by fully forgiving all student loan debt.

Conservatives and Republicans have openly mocked her for years, calling the Boston University graduate both stupid and uneducated, which is ironic coming from people who actually think Donald Trump deserved four more years to continue occupying the White House.

Biden Campaign Spokeswoman Trish Blake explained the rationale for the nomination.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the smartest people in Washington.  Honestly, we considered her for several cabinet positions.  She could have been Secretary of Energy to oversee bringing the United States into the 21st Century.  She would be an excellent Secretary of Labor, as she is always looking out for the working people.  We landed on Secretary of Education because of her ideas, background, and passion.

She knows all about the struggles that students face to get an education and understands the obstacles that keep young people from furthering their education.  She also doesn’t have any ties to student loan sharks like the current Secretary has.”

Fortunately, the names Homer Simpson and Glenn Stanley were just leaks to the media to be used as a smokescreen for the vetting process to build a solid cabinet.  As with Ocasio-Cortez, only the most qualified candidates will be considered, unlike the current administration that only allows friends and sycophants willing to lie for Donald Trump to be included.

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