Trump: ‘Obama and Hillary Have NEVER Been acquitted Of TREASON’

The truth is right in front of you

“I’m not saying Obama and Hillary are guilty of treason. All I’m saying is that they’ve never been acquitted for it. Why won’t the media talk about this?”

-President Donald J. Trump

So began President Trump’s now famous speech lambasting the media for not doing their jobs. He makes a valid point. The two have NEVER been acquitted for this crime, yet the mainstream media refuses to cover the story, making their liberal bias that much more obvious.

It’s rumored that Space X was created by Musk for the sole purpose of dumping the Clinton bodies into space.

Because it’s true. The two have not once stood trial for the crime of treason in front of a jury of their peers. Not once has that panel or a judge said unequivocally, “Not guilty”. Yet the MSM has just presumed their innocence.

As the President went on to explain:

“The mainstream liberal media is brainwashing the nation. They are teaching our citizens that democrats do no wrong. That they are apparently incapable of crimes.

We know, of course, that nothing could be further from the truth. Democrats are the most corrupt of us all. They are organized crime, the mafia……and I know mafia. Nobody knows corruption and mafia better than me. And they’re it.

Fort Knox narrowly avoided a name change under Obama.

Look ar Hillary’s body count. Look at Obama giving gifts of gold to our enemies. The evidence is overwhelming. It really can’t  be ignored. But they manage!

Is it time for me to yank their FCC licences? I think so.”

President Trump has made this threat before but previously he did not seem serious. He seemed to be advising them to change their ways. Perhaps now he has reached the end of his rope.

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