Space X Dumping Clinton Bodies On The Moon

The truth is right in front of you

Have you noticed the relatively few  number of bodies turning up lately, victims of the Clinton Crime Family? Well it turns out there’s a high tech, space age reason for that.

Elon Musk is a close friend of the Clintons, has been for years. So when Hillary called upon him for a personal favor, he happily obliged, disregarding the criminal element of the ask. It seems Hillary needed a way to cover her tracks. She couldn’t continue to have the bodies of her enemies found by police as she felt they were closing in.

So, just prior to the 2016 election, she made a deal with Musk - use his Space X rocket flights to dump her victims on the moon and in exchange she would use the presidency she thought she would have to make him richer and more powerful than Soros.

To add insult to fatal injury, Clinton dresses her victims as furries post-mortem

Inside sources have told us that Musk is being questioned by the FBI on suspicion of transporting upwards of eight hundred bodies across stratospheric lines in Space X. The Feds caught onto the scheme when Musk began to panic after hearing of NASA’s plans to return to the moon. Those around him began to report erratic behavior, at one point being seen sobbing loudly and crying,”I should have dropped them on the dark side! ON THE DARK SIDE!”

After Clinton failed to win the election, Musk had no choice but to continue. Hillary had “the goods” on him and blackmailed him to continue, lest she turn him in.

With the detainment of Elon Musk and his probable forthcoming arrest, one has to wonder if he will turn in his boss. Or did she cover her butt to hide connections between herself and the bodies? Or, more likely, will the body of Elon Musk be found in a cell, dead from an “apparent suicide”.

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