After Debate, Kamala Harris Seen Leaving With Colin Kaepernick


After stunning America with her aggressive performance at the Democratic debate Thursday night, Kamala Harris pulled another surprise, stunning friends, colleagues, and paparazzi by leaving hand-in-hand in a long black limousine with none other than controversial football star Colin Kaepernick.  Are the pair a “couple”?

Like Peaches and Herb?

Close friend of Harris, Jenny Taylia told the Washington Free Queefer that a romance has been brewing for some time :

“Kammy met him at a party a few months ago for Black Lives Matter activists, and the two of them hit it off right away.  Colin was showing some of the younger crowd the proper way to kneel to protest the national anthem, and she just got down there with him.  I know they disappeared upstairs for about 45 minutes later on.  Her hair was a little messed up when she came back. So.  You know.  Squish.”

The party was eventually ended by police after numerous noise complaints and reports of “flying beavers.” Don’t ask.

Squish, indeed.  Is it a good idea to have such a blatantly disrespectful unpatriotic thug so close to the Woman Who Could Be King?  Would he kneel inside the oval office or on the grave of the Unknown Soldier? This may be a match…made in hell.

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