Trump Makes Good On Anti-Abortion Promise With Sweeping Executive Order

President Trump promised the March for the Unborn that there would be action, and he wasted no time in making good. As of this morning, any clinic or doctor offering abortions of any kind using federal funding will no longer be eligible for any funding at all.

According to Executive Order A784R65, Federal funds will “not be available” for abortions unless they’re performed within the first 2 weeks and only to save the mother’s life. If any clinic or doctor violates that order, they will lose their funding, or worse.

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Gerry Detater, clarified the order on morning radio Frito and his Maltese:

“This order covers it all. No longer will the taxpayer be shelling out billions for abortions so liberals can practice free love without consequences. This order means accountability for the doctors and clinics who dip into their allotment of federal Medicaid money to provide death-on-demand services to women across the country.

“We estimate that nearly one million lives will be aved every single year. To help with the cost of raising what Democrats call “unwanted children,” the President also approved a temporary increase in food benefits to unexpected families of $143 per month, which should cover the added expense of a new child.”

President Trump isn’t fooling around on this one. He wants our unborn babies to be born, and he wants them to be taken care of when they get here.

On top of the two-week rule, providers will also be able to dip into funds for procedures that involve a woman seeking an abortion due to a man’s infidelity — to save a marriage — and abortions performed for illegal aliens in camps or refugees. The last thing President Trump wants is to see that problem multiply.

This is what happens when a President is actually chosen by God. He gets the right things done.

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