Mueller: ‘Democrats Are Fishing. Trump Has Been Cleared’

The truth is right in front of you

Robert Mueller, PI , has been readying himself to for his congressional testimony tomorrow for several weeks, and the whole time he has been asking himself, “Why?”

Mueller got a cool new ride.

He feels his report was quite clear. In his own words:

“Although virtually everybody in the President’s employ was either guilty or under great suspicion of a wide range of criminal activity, Trump himself was oblivious to all of it. He didn’t then, nor does he now, have a clue.

This may make him a moron, but it does not make him a criminal. Although - and this is just my personal opinion - having a moron in the White House should be illegal. There really should be certain standards, certain criteria to be met by potential candidates prior to even being allowed to run much less be installed into office. It’s just common sense.

But I digress.

The Democrats in the House have subpoenaed me to testify before them, not caring at all about the plans I had in my new retirement. They’re selfish. They’re going to ask me a bunch of questions about my report why? Because they’re too lazy to read it? Because they’re illiterate?…  What’s that? Trump redacted a bunch? Oh. I didn’t know that. Why? That’s dumb. But whatever…TAKE THAT UP WITH HIM! I was spending a week with the wife at Hedonism, for god’s sake!”

We agree with Mr. Mueller. They are fishing. They are selfish. And all they’re doing is embarrassing themselves and wasting taxpayer money.

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