Tlaib’s Son Arrested For Setting Fire To City Hall Christmas Tree

The truth is right in front of you

Democrat children learn values from their parents, as all kids do. It’s unfortunate that liberals lack the same basic morality that is found in the rest of America. This is seen in many of them as they do their part to battle against good in the ongoing war on Christmas.

The son of Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib is a perfect example of this. Fourteen year old, Leroy Tlaib was arrested earlier today on charges of arson after setting fire to the large outdoor Christmas tree outside the City Hall of New Westminster, Michigan.

Leroy was seen running from the blazing tree by several witnesses shortly after it was lit. He was said to look “determined” as he bolted. Though he was not seen actually committing the crime, police are confident they have their man.

First officer on the scene, Satya Martin, told why they have little doubt:

“Witnesses said it was probably him. People who are familiar with him say he’s not very nice. His mom wants to impeach the president. That’s good enough for us.”

The young Tlaib is being held in the city jail where he awaits appearance before a judge after the holiday. We will report updates as they are revealed.

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