Global Warming? ‘White Out’ Snowstorm Lands In Hawaii…..IN JULY

The truth is right in front of you

So much for global warming! This  morning, 10 feet of snow hit  in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is unprecedented. The previous day’s high was  120°. Hawaii is an equatorial state, receiving temperatures no lower than 65° year-round. Until yesterday.

“Scientists” advocating for the position that the earth is warming were  flummoxed. It’s like their entire  reason for being was removed in an instant. How could one suggest that the earth is heating up when 10 feet of snow hit a region that has never seen snow before…..and in such large volumes?

That’s a lot of snow.

Not only was the appearance of snow at first, so was the temperature at the time. The highest temperature recorded yesterday was 15°. FIFTEEN!  That’s like Canada cold! Iceland cold! North Pole!

President Trump couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a laugh :

“Global warming. Warning! Global warming! Ten feet of snow ladies and gentlemen. In Hawaii! Doesn’t seem so warm to me!

Didn’t I call it? I told you! It’s the Chinese!”

Asked for a rebuttal, pencil-necked geek scientist, Hank Helmer, had this to say :

“There are, uh, certain factors that, uh, can change the standard temperature and climate and this is, uh, typical of, uh, those at this time. This is unusual but, uh, not unexpected in that, uh, it is a normal turn of, uh, events for this type of situation.”

Ha ha! He didn’t know what the heck to say!

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