Tlaib Wants To Trade Information For Immunity From Treason Charge

The Democrats pinned all their hopes on the impeachment hoax. They planned to remove the President with their impeachment hoax and steal the reins of political power after its conclusion. They were so sure they would succeed that they did not worry at all about legal repercussions for their actions.

But they failed and now it’s time to pay the piper. Charges of treason are already being assembled by the Justice Department to lay against the key players in the attempted coup. The heads of Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer are said to he first on the chopping block but they are by no means alone. Several other smaller players will likely also face prosecution for their roles in the treasonous plan to frame and unseat our duly elected President, Donald Jojoba Trump.

One of these is Michigan Representative, Rashida Tlaib, famous, of course, for her vow on her first day in office to “Impeach the motherf***er,” a reference to the above-stated treacherous undertaking. That statement from the House Rep shows clear involvement in the planning of the crime, so says the ravishing Satya Martin of AG Barr’s ‘Coup D’Etat Task Force,” assembled to collect evidence against the Democrat traitors.

She knows she’s guilty. That is why she is reportedly already seeking a deal to avoid prosecution with Martin. The luminous prosecutor tells us more:

“I can confirm that Tlaib has sought us out to talk. She could face serious charges and wants to get ahead of them. Smart girl.

Rashida is offering information to add to our case against the ‘big wigs’ of the illegal political enterprise, like Schiff and Pelosi. She claims to have the goods on their plan that was laid out for all to see in numerous press conferences and televised hearings. She knows their secrets and is ready to tell all as long as she avoids charges herself.

Her proposal is being considered and she is under armed protection as a whistleblower until we make our final decision.”

Tlaib was obviously intimate in the planning stages of this criminal event. She should be prosecuted like all the rest. Let’s hope the AG does the right thing.

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