AG Barr Investigating Southern District of New York for Abuse of Power

The truth is right in front of you

The Southern District of New York has a long and sordid history of putting its nose where it doesn’t belong. Attorney General William Barr seems to be ready to cut their figurative nose off.

The latest shenanigans from that Constitution-hating liberal court involve our Dear Leader’s tax returns, which exactly no one except for them cares about. They think that they’ll find evidence that our Perfect President has been compromised by foreign governments.

Even if the tax returns prove that he does have ties to these governments, all it will show is that he is trying to create long-lasting peace between our countries.

He wants them to know that he has his eye on them and won’t be afraid to sacrifice as many members of our military as necessary to ensure that they don’t try to screw him over on his business dealings.

Anyone against that kind of thinking clearly hates capitalism and our President.

This is where the Attorney General comes in. Anti-capitalist and anti-Donald Trump behavior is un-American and is in violation of the Constitution.

Thanks to William Barr, this will not go unpunished. An unofficial statement was released by Joe Barron, assistant underling to Mr. Barr.

“We’re gonna get those liberal commie jerks. In America, we stand for law and order. Our President is above the law and has done everything in the best interest of our country.

Including trying to secure world peace. So what if he can make a few bucks while doing it? They would too if they had the opportunity, but they don’t because he’s the President and they’re not.

We’re going to charge them with eight counts of jealousy. One for each year that President Donald Trump will be in office! Then we’ll hit them with the abuse of power and wasting tax dollar charges. They have no right to look into anything to do with our President.”

Expectations are that the Attorney General and Donald Trump will dissolve the court and ensure that everyone involved in this sham investigation pays the price for attempting to sabotage our President and his administration.

One could cut the irony with a knife. These lawyers had best find ones smarter and better than they are if they want to avoid any kind of jail time for their un-American activities.

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