Antifa Liberal Plot Discovered To Storm Border Camps

The truth is right in front of you

The Department Of Homeland Securiry has discovered - and they believe thwarted - a plot hatched by liberal commie antifas to storm the immigrant detention camps at the southern border and free all those within.

The detailed plan was dug up by investigators as they delved into the nutty “Storm Area 51” pages that  have begun to appear on Facebook in droves.  The military investigative branch had focussed their attentions on these to see if the groups held credible threats of an invasion on the desert military base. It was concluded that those showing the most determination to trespass onto a restricted zone with full knowledge that they would be shot down in their tracks for doing so, were mostly pathetic incels who would, in all likelihood, snap and go on a killing spree in the future… the investigation concluded with them being labelled “acceptable losses”.

During the course of the investigation, however, another discovery was made. It was found that Storm Area51 was merely a distraction. It was created by a more sinister group to distract public attention from their real sinister motives. For this group intended to invade the camps holding the other  aliens - the illegal aliens.

Can you imagine the chaos if this terrorist had been allowed to escape? Scary.

Yes, a plan had been formulated to “Storm” the detention camps at the Mexican border, ostensibly to protest conditions within, but in reality to charge inside and free the prisoners. A massive jailbreak of almost 100,000 violent criminals ranging in age from 6 months to 60 years.

Sargeant S. Laughter tells us more:

“This plan was days in the making. They had it all figured out - what day they were going, where the camps are, uh, what day they were going. It was very intricately thought out. We’re lucky we stopped them.”

Lucky or not, they were stopped and so our nation remains safe from the monstrous hordes of poor people who want something better. Guess what, “migrants”? There is nothing “better” in America.

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