Drug Tunnel Found At Border Has A Direct Connection To Obama

The truth is right in front of you

Speculation has existed for years about the involvement of former President Barack Obama in drug smuggling from Mexican cartels. This has never been proven but many people have felt it likely because of the Democrats easing of illicit drug laws and support for an open Mexican border.

A recent discovery by the US Border Patrol, Mole Division, however, may break this Obama/Democrat scandal wide open. The find is a drug tunnel going underneath the Texas-Mexico border - but not just another drug tunnel. This one is special. Special because of its literal direct link to the Obama White House.

You see, this tunnel did not simply go from the Mexican side of the line to some sleepy US border town like the rest. It went further. Much, much further. It went straight up through many states and thousands of miles…….and came up through the floor of the Oval Office.

It appears to have been used to move the designer drug “bloogies” from cartel country to Washington, DC, directly into Obama’s hands for his own personal use. This would be the source of the substance consumed during the Obama family’s infamous “Celebrity Bloogie Parties”, rumors of which received so much press during his administration.

But how is it known that the tunnel was created by Obama? How do we know it didn’t belong to a Bush or Reagan or Kennedy? The answer is simpler than you would think. Photographs reveal that Obama actually signed the burrow inside, claiming ownership with an “Obama loves his bloogie tunnel” message in red spray paint upon the wall.

He never thought he’d be caught.

All the pieces seem to be in place to show a direct link between El Chapo’s bloogie empire and President Obama while he was in office. Finally, we will be able to sit back and watch the Democrat indictments roll out.

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