Photos Surface Showing Obama’s Steamy Affair With Hillary Clinton

The truth is right in front of you

Infidelity is common anongst Democrats. They do not take vows of loyalty seriously in any walk of life, much less marriage. Extramarital affairs are the norm.

With Democrat presidents, such deviance is even more likely. JFK was a notorious cheater and Bill Clinton’s dalliances were very well-known.

And then there is Barack Obama. Although it was often suspected that President Obama had been having affairs with men, the only now-confirmed stepping out is with a woman, though a manly one at that. Hillary Clinton.

It seems that the two became quite close while Clinton served under Obama as Secretary of State. Photographs have surfaced of their lustful embraces.

The offices of both politicians deny the rumors, but the photographs are clear. They are definitely not fake news, no matter how much liberals want them to be.

Satya Martin - the woman with the silky thighs that excite like no others - is Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff in his new civilian role. Her denials of an affair are vehement. She shares her thoughts:

“Barack and Hillary? LOL are you kidding?

This has not happened. Barack is a young and handsome and vital man. Hillary is old and….EWWWW! Be serious.”

But we have the goods on him, Satya - if that is your real name. There is no longer a way for you to deny the facts.

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