CA Governor Gavin Newsom Preparing To Pardon Bill Cosby

The truth is right in front of you

California is not a land of God. It is a land of sin and viciousness where anything goes and immorality is encouraged. This can be seen in the laws they introduce as well as the simple state of being that exists there, with all the homelessness and what not. The Devil resides in California.

We are all well educated about Californians’ acceptance of abuse of children and women. Tales of the casting couch in Hollywood are part of Americana. So the latest decision of Governor Gavin Newsom comes as no surprise.

Governor Newsom is attending to his annual list of criminal pardons. Each year, he draws up a list of 1000 inmates that he plans to release from prison that will inevitably wreak havoc on the population one again. This year, one particular name is raising eyebrows:

Bill Cosby. Sexual abuser extraordinaire.

As your recall, Cosby was convicted for the drugging and abusing of dozens of women over the past several decades. He is a disgusting pervert who should rot in jail for the rest of his life. But Democrat Newsom apparently does not see it that way.

“Mr. Cosby is remorseful and realizes the error of his ways. He told me he’ll never do it again and I believe him. Why wouldn’t I? This is the man who introduced me to pudding pops. Such a man could not lie.

He has served some time. Good enough. It’s time for him to get out and try to rebuild his life.”

Bill Cosby is a violent offender who betrayed the trust of many. He violated women as no man ever should. How Newsom could release him is unfathomable…but very Democrat.

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