States Renaming Route 66 To Honor Barack Obama

The truth is right in front of you

There’s a push in Oklahoma to rename Route 66 the “Donald Trump Highway”. With that push in mind, several other states including Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, and California have decided to head off OK by making name changes of their own. Each of those 4 states have retitled their portions of Route 66 as “President Barack Obama Highway.”

Governor of California, Gavin Newsom told us at TGT of the coordinated multi-state effort:

“The state of Oklahoma wants to rename the section of 66 that runs through their state after Donald Trump. This is an insult to all of America because Trumpo is the antithesis of all that America stands for. He’s an ass. America is not an ass, my friend.

So, in order to make their proposal even more ludicrous, the state of California, in coordination with several other states, has already given a new name to the parts of Route 66 that run though our states. Henceforth, those portions that run through our states will honor the greatest president that this country has ever had the pleasure to have known, Barack Hussein Obama.

This I decree.”

Patriots across the states that the iconic highway crosses need to petition their representatives to abandon this project. If a president is to be honored, it should be one who is worthy. Trump, not the traitor Obama.

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