Federal Court Rules: Facebook MUST Allow You to Leave Groups Without Permission from ‘Admins’

One of the most annoying things about Facebook is the inability to control what you see in your newsfeed. For nearly 11 years now, conservatives — typically of the “Baby Boomer” generation, have been cursed by being so popular among their friends that they get added to tons of Facebook groups and pages.

The problem is, these groups and pages might seem nice at first, but sometimes you’ll find they’re full of liberal trolls or the people there are RINOs supporting people other than Donald Trump. But when you try to leave…nobody will remove you.

Then the trolls come and make fun of you and ask “don’t you know how to use Facebook?” We’ve all been there. It’s annoying and you end up having to report everyone for harassment and their posts don’t ever get removed but the second you look at a gay person the wrong way you’re banned for 30 days.

Good news, patriots. A Federal Judge has ruled that if you want to leave a Facebook group, that’s your right. You will no longer have to wait or report anyone. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s personal assistant, Art Tubolls:

“From now on to leave a group you will simply post the wird “remove” and leave an angry emoji and Facebook will remove you within 24 hours or we’ll have to pay a fine.”

The move comes as several people’s accounts have been lost to liberal groups and trolls completely. Apparently, they suck you in and make you angry, then they get you to say mean, hateful, and often racist things that get you Facebook jail sentences, during which time the person who reported you is allowed to still see your pictures and even download them to the dark web, so this is huge progress.

Remember, folks — you don’t gotta be scared no more. you say “remove” with an angry face and they have to respond. It’s the law.



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