Hunter Biden Investigation Proves President Trump Was Right

The official investigation into Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma has concluded that President Trump had every right to ask a foreign official to investigate. According to official transcripts from the closed committee hearings, Biden wasn’t just paid for services rendered, he was also an active participant in the corruption.

Lead investigator, Art Tubolls, says Hunter Biden knew that the Board of Directors at Burisma was in Ukraine and that accepting a position on their “legal team” would earn him some cash:

“Hunter Biden knew that Burisma was in Ukraine, and that his father would have great influence there. He also knew that the position would be one for profit, which is exactly what Sean Hannity said.

“What we can’t prove is any actual wrongdoing. It’s tough to find credible witnesses when you have a friend like Hillary Clinton around to “suicide” your enemies. Just ask Jeffrey Epstein.

“What we do know is that when a person accepts a position and gets paid for it, they have to pay taxes. The Bidens are refusing to release Joe’s tax returns now, which means they’re definitely hiding something.

“We think maybe Joe laundered the money for Hunter so nobody would know he was compensated for his work. It’s a scandal of monumental proportions.”

The investigation is ongoing, with Trey Gowdy running the show. Not a single Democrat will go without being investigated, says White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Gill DeTater:

“President Trump says we won’t rest until we dig up dirt on every Democrat in congress. We have to remain vigilant and even mishandle evidence if necessary. Nothing matters but draining the swamp.”

Democrats have been quick to point out that these tactics are below board and most likely illegal, but then again…so was the Mueller Report.

Checkmate, libs. Deal with it.

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