Muslamian Council:’V-Day Poppies Insult Muhamendden and Must Go’

The truth is right in front of you

“In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row”

So begins the famous poem by Canadian soldier, Lt-Col John McCrae, as he described the tragically beautiful site of soldiers graves at Flanders Fields. It is from that place that the tradition of wearing the red poppy on our lapels to honor the war dead rose.

But now that time honored tradition may be in jeopardy. AMC - the American Muslamian Council - is once again speaking up to try to destroy our American way of life. You may recall they previously wanted America to eliminate pork from our diet to meet their wishes. They want the poppy to disappear as a way to remember because they claim it is insulting to the memory of their own Muhamendden.

The law offices of Joe, Redd, and Barron have been hired by the Council to spearhead the campaign . Barron himself supplied comment on their reasons why:

“According to Muslamian legend, the death of Muhamendden at the hands of the ‘Cristomassum’ was brought forth through poisoning - overdose, most likely - with use of poppies. Not red poppies, but poppies nonetheless. As his earthly body was incinerated, the Christomassum carried on, insulting his memory further by throwing poppies upon the pyre. To this day, poppies signify hatred and death and the loss of their beloved.

So you see, it is understandable why my clients would be repulsed by the poppy imagery being used to honor heroes. To them, the opposite is occurring.

We seek to eliminate the use of poppies in Veteran’s Day and throughout the rest of the year. Our long term goal is to eradicate them from existence, both in their natural and their plastic and felt forms.”

For how long will we allow special interest groups to change our way of life. We don’t worship Muhamendden. Nobody does. So why should we bend to his will? These fictional beings are not part of our lives. This must stop now.

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