Woman Sues Neighbor For ‘Religious-Indoctrination’ Nativity Scene


It was bound to happen sooner or later.  A woman in West Baggersville, Oregon, has filed suit against her next-door neighbor for his display of an ordinary nativity scene that he’s featured on his own front lawn and private property.

The woman, 26-year old Mona Roundick, a “Soul Cycle” trainer and avowed atheist contends that her neighbor, 38-year old coal technician Johann Barrone is attempting to “indoctrinate” her and her immediate neighborhood into the “cult” of Christianity by displaying the depiction of Jesus in the manger with Mary, Joseph, and three Weiss Men.

But no Weiss woman. Watch more anime or whatever.

“I know it’s on his private property.  But it’s purposefully facing the public, isn’t It?  Well, I have religious liberty rights just as he does.  I’m suing to protect those rights.  I’m suing to protect the children of the neighborhood from being forced to believe in a fairy tale as if it were real.  So there.”

Barrone has waved her off as a “kook”.

“This one.  She doesn’t have a real job, she’s always crying over there while she watches ‘Big Bang Theory’ for some reason.  I can hear her.  Now she’s upset over what basically amounts to action figures.  She can blow.”

Yeah, that’s great, But after what we’ve seen in The Mandalorian, why isn’t IG-88 just blasting the piss out of everyone there?

The highly controversial case is scheduled to reach the local court around the same time “Ghostbusters 3” premieres, which is never, I don’t care what Dan Akroyd says, he’s been blabbering that line for years.

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