Michelle Obama Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature


It certainly seems like the Nobel Prize committee is partial to the Obamas.  Just this last month, the announcement came that Michelle Obama’s bestselling book, “Becoming”, would be awarded the Nobel Prize for literary work.  The former first lady will join her husband Barack Obama as the possessor of the prestigious honor.

We’re gonna take pictures of them and send them to Trump so he can cry his fat eyes out.

The book details much of the author’s experiences, but does not delve into the running teabagger narrative that she is transgender.  Is this belief by society’s dumbest group of drooling gingivitis farms simply something they think is funny along with farting into coffee cans or marathons of “Mama’s Family”?  We asked psychologist Krystal Lynn for her assessment before the comment section of this article fills up with retired porn addicts using the word: “Moochelle” :

“Well, much of it is due to an antiquated and pathetically lame sense of humor, yes.  Also, the vast majority of teabagging trumptards are no longer able to distinguish between the sexes as their already tiny brains begin to fungusize.  Many are simply jealous that a beautiful woman of color could attain the level of sophistication and fortune that they never could within their dwindling pathetic lifespan.  Finally, there is the ‘Wish-fulfilment fantasy’, which postulates that these human fecal factories actually visualize a penis in order to quell their anger about masturbating to her image.  It’s really quite a large pond of mentally deficient sewage.”

Earl of Potatoes, Scott Baio is often mistaken for a woman due to his penchant for My Little Pony lipstick.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that the enduring success of Michelle Obama causes the feeble-minded cousin-impregnators of America to become triggered to the point of explosive incontinence.  Perhaps the best we could hope for is that evolution itself deems the trumptards to be massive failures, and regresses them physically into the quivering blobs of swamp gelatin that they originally were.

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